Tentative schedule

8:00-8:40AM: Poster setup

8:40–9:00AM: Opening remarks

9:00–9:30AM: Invited talk: Marco Gori slides

9:30–10:00AM: Invited talk: Peter Battaglia slides

10:00–10:30AM: Contributed talks: Open challenges

10:30–11:00AM: Coffee break and discussions

11:00–11:30AM: Invited talk: Andrew McCallum

11:30AM–12:30PM: Poster Session #1

12:30–1:30PM: Lunch

1:30–2:15PM: Contributed talks: Original research

2:15–2:45PM: Invited talk: Wengong Jin slides

2:45–3:15PM: Presentation and discussion: Open Graph Benchmark (Jure Leskovec)

3:15–4:15PM: Poster session #2 / Coffee break

4:15–4:45PM: Invited talk: Bistra Dilkina slides

4:45–5:15PM: Invited talk: Marinka Žitnik slides

5:15–5:30PM: Invited presentation: Deep Graph Library (Zheng Zhang and Alex Smola) slides